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Windshield Washers: Helping You See the Road Clearly

Dirty windshields can be a death trap. They prevent us from seeing traffic ahead or behind clearly so we can take steps to avoid approaching vehicles. However, car manufacturers have worked out some great technological solutions to this problem in the form of windscreen washers or wipers.

Windscreen washers or wipers are used to clean off rain, dirt and grime from the windscreen of a car. Almost all vehicles are required to be fitted with them to allow for safer driving. Most wipers are also equipped with a windscreen washer. This is a pump that delivers a mixture of water and detergent or a blend called wiper or washer fluid, via small nozzles on a tank. This “wet-arm” system is very efficient for cleaning the windscreen.

There are a number of components that help a wiper system work properly. One is the reservoir for the fluid which is placed under the hood. Pumps are required to spray the fluid on the windshield. All you have to do is ensure that the reservoir is full and pull the lever inside the car when you need to clean the glass. A pair of wipers will then sweep across the glass, cleaning it.

Newer vehicles may deliver the fluid through a jet spray system, minus the wipers. The latest models usually have washers that are operated using electric motors. Some models can be activated to start and stop after a certain time while others require manual control.

Windshield washer fluid contains methanol, which does not freeze up, but can cause poisoning if ingested. The wisdom of using these toxic fluids which end up contaminating the environment has been a matter of concern for environmentalists.

If you live in a place where it is extremely cold and your windshield washer fluid tends to freeze over, you can add antifreeze to the washer fluid. Other components that may require maintenance are the fluid level and blades, and parts of the machinery that may require replacement.

Problems in the system are usually due to minor things like hoses or pipes that have got clogged. It’s best to rule out all these little things before you panic and rush to the service center for repairs. Maintaining your windshield washers and keeping all the parts in working order will allow you to get a clear vision through the glass, and keep you safe during extreme or inclement weather.

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