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Good Transmission service Saves Money In The Long Run

While driving your vehicle you can change gears automatically without having to shift gears manually with an automatic transmission (commonly "AT" or "Auto"), a kind of an automobile gearbox.

The main function of a transmission system in a car is to send out the mechanical power from the engine to the wheels. The two main kinds of transmission devices available all over the world are automatic transmission and manual transmission services.

The automatic transmission has been found to be a little more complex and hence a less reliable part of the vehicle. As a result the repair of an automatic transmission is also a complex procedure. However any problem with the automatic transmission system could have the risk of making your car insecure. For instance your car could roll with the shifter in Park or drive forward with shifter in Neutral, thanks to the fault in the transmission system.

That is why it is imperative to take good care of the transmission system of your car so that it can last a long time.  All you need is a reliable service to get a periodical checking and proper maintenance from time to time.

Certified expert technicians from good car care services will take a thorough diagnosis of the problem. Professionals will take care of the vehicle’s problem by fixing it with some adjustments or repairs that are external to your automatic transmission. A Rebuilt Service could also be suggested which includes:

  • A total disassembly of your transmission
  • A systematic cleaning and inspection of the transmission’s internal and external components

Professionals know which components of the transmission need to be replaced.  It is important for you to keep your vehicle’s transmission well maintained so that problems that are small do not get worse over time. This will certainly go a long way in saving you money.

Automotive transmission service includes the repairs of automatic transmission, transfer cases, electrical diagnosis, transmission band adjustments, manual clutch service & repair, transmission fluid exchange, manual transmission repair, transmission rebuild, repair & service, non-electric diagnosis.

Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill Service – This service includes removal of the transmission fill/drain plug to remove the old automatic transmission fluid, reinstallation of transmission fill/drain plug and refilling the transmission with new automatic transmission fluid to the proper level.

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement Service – This service removes dirt and contaminants from the transmission fluid. The transmission pan is removed; the old transmission filter is removed and replaced with a new transmission filter. Even the old gasket material is removed, a new pan gasket is placed and the pan is reinstalled.

Also the transmission with new automatic transmission fluid is refilled with the proper level.

It is important to find a quality transmission service and repair facility. 

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