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CV Joints: Replacing and repacking

Constant – velocity joints or CV joints are car parts used in front wheel drive cars and also in all wheel drive cars. The primary function is to help the rotating shaft to transmit power through a variable angle at steady speed and minimize friction. They are used by rear wheel drive cars at the ends of the rear axle half shafts while they are used on the front-to-rear driveshaft (propeller shaft) as well, for a total of ten CV joints.

These joints are supposed to be very sturdy, and are generally highly over specified for a particular application. The only maintenance required is to check that the rubber gaiter (dust/weather boot) which covers them is safe and not cracked. In case the gaiter gets damaged, the molybdenum disulfide grease with which the joint is packed will be thrown out.  As a result you will find the joint gets overheated due to the dirt, water, and road deicing salt that gets picked up by the joint. In fact the grease also has the possibility to contaminate the brakes. In the worst of worst cases, the CV joint disjoins that may actually stop the car from moving or get locked up. It can also you’re your car from passing a vehicle inspection.

The power is transferred from the transmission to the wheels through the drive axle assemblies by the front-wheel-drive vehicles transfer. At each end of these drive axles there are constant-velocity (CV) joints that get protection by rubber boots. The boots are meant to keep contaminants out and lubricant in.

Repacking or replacing cracks or tears in the boot can lead to the failure of the CV joints in the same way as normal wear and tear can do. It is very important to get the drive axle boots and CV joints serviced from professionals from time to time.

For the servicing you would need some special tools. Removing the drive axles is necessary to service the joints. For this the entire assembly will have to be replaced along with a rebuilt unit. This is worth its time as this would prove to be quicker and easier than rebuilding the boots and joints. The price of the replacement of drive axle assembly depends on the type of vehicle and it could be reasonably priced.

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