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Filter replacements will give you thousands of trouble-free miles

A car filter, an air filter or a fuel filter can are important components of a car as they essentially separate the good and the bad part of the fluid or the air that the car parts takes in from the environment. Filters take in only what benefits the car and its mechanism and discards everything else. That is precisely what all air filters and car filters do.

Of course the filters need to be maintained frequently but you can be assured that this not at all a complicated task. In fact it is the least costly but most vital maintenance or car care measures you can take. A few steps of servicing the car’s filters on a customary basis can actually significantly improve the life of the engine and increase the overall performance.

Filter change does not take a long time and hence it should be done on a regular basis. It not only saves money but also makes sure your car is renewed when it hits the road. On the other hand if you do not replace it regularly, the filters get clogged which further reduces the performance of your car and the fuel mileage and also affects the life of the engine.   All this can be avoided with a timely filter change. 

How many times should the filter be changed? You can find this on the manufacturer’s manual which recommends at what intervals the filter needs to be changed.  In case you do not have the manual you can follow a simple rule. Replace the air filters once in a year or once in 12,000 miles, whichever comes earlier and for the fuels filter make sure the replacement is done once in two years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Replacing a fuel filter is a little difficult than the replacement of an air filter for obvious reasons as finding the material wins half the battle. It is situated in proximity to the air filter and near    the top-center of the engine. In modern cars you will find it built near the fuel tank and hence it is better you get a car mechanic to replace it. 

Just like it is important to change the oil and oil filter of the car, it is also important to change the air and fuel filters regularly. These simple measures of maintenance will contribute a lot in    improving your cars’ engine performance.

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